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Using Art to Create Social Change


Girls Got Grit | Book + Web Series


Currently in Preproduction

In a world where conversations about tween and teens so often turn to self-harm and suicide...we propose a counterpoint.  A web series that focuses on what is going incredibly right with our girls.

We are focusing on girls who have Moxie, Passion, Drive, Grit.  They don't back down when stuff gets real.  These are the world shapers of the future.   We are telling their stories one girl at a time.

Girls Got Grit are ones where Passion meets Resilience and stares tall poppydom dead in the eye and wins the staring contest.

Our plan is to create a book along-side the web series.




Finding Venus

Film Commission - Finding Venus/EveryBodyIsATreasure



Short Form documentary directed by Mandi Lynn and created with an all-female film crew and cast.

In a world where only 20% of girls make it out of adolescence with a positive relationship with their body what can be done?

Finding Venus is the story of a mothers love for her daughter and her quest to try to prevent her own body shame from spreading to the next generation.

This film was shot at Every Body is a Treasure Events held in the North Island of New Zealand during 2018.  The movie is currently in post-production and will be sent to international film festivals in 2019.

We have been blessed with a fresh shorts grant from the NZ film commission to make the film.  We were apparently the first documentary to make it across the line and get funding.   Very excited!


Warning, beautiful, brave, luscious boobies below.

Possibly NSFW if you work in a government sector or if you boss is laced up a bit to tightly.

The Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens featured in the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition.

This Exhibition is what started Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust.

This is what started the exhibition:

December of 2016 my 5 year old neice walks into my kitchen and this happens:

Auntie Mandi?

Yes Harper?

Am I Fat?

I was tits on a bull at coming up with a useful wise aunty thing to say in that moment so I responded afterwards by putting a post on Facebook to my friends asking if any of them would let me cover them in golden clay so I could show her what real bodies looked like.   And that they were infact treasures no matter their size, shape, or age.

The first 6 women have grown into a group of 240 so far with the goal to reach 600 as a counterpoint to the 600 photoshopped ones we see on average each day.

We call the women who are brave enough to pose for this members of the Luscious Order of Golden Shieldmaidens.  They are sworn to be compassionate with their own and others bodies and teach all young girls to do the same.

If you are feeling cheeky enough to join the ranks the next induction is during the Fringe Festival in Wellington.  You can get tickets here

The next full-scale showing of the exhibition will be at Thistle Hall the 15-21st of April.

Tickets go on sale 18 December