Create Happy


Welcome to Create Happy!

It is a place where you get to learn all about the intersection of photography and your creative wellbeing.

We will be taking 8 weeks to explore the HeArtivist framework (which helps you identify and remove blocks to your creative flow) and learn documentary photography.  You can use a DSLR or a cellphone it doesn't matter.

All that matters is that you are keen to learn about yourself and your own creative practice.

You will be supported and mentored along the way and will meet up with other creative souls from around the country.

You will be learning digital storytelling and will be challenged to use your new superpowers for good.

Content Covered



Week Photographic Content Covered HeArtivist Content Covered
1 Camera Techniques Building Community Safety
2 Composition Inspiration, Open-Mindedness
3 Lighting Critical voice vs. Critical thinking
4 Communication Compassionate Communication skills
5 Posing + Styling Building Your Creative Community
6 Post Production Grit, Personal Power, Creative Resilience
7 Camera Techniques + Post The Emotional Rollercoaster of Creation
8 Presentation Shipping your work
9 Composition + Communication Leaving the world better than you found it
10 Portfolio Review Celebrating Progress



About your mentor



I'm Mandi Lynn.


  • a master photographer 
  • exhibiting artist
  • have won New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year
  • a film director / producer
  • and I run a charitable trust that uses photography to teach wellbeing skills to youth.

But really I am a passionate philosopher.  I love to think about living and what can be done to make it richer and deeper and happier.

I love mentoring and helping people to achieve their creative vision. 

I want nothing more than for your fullest creative expression to be made available to the world.

This is my dog Gritty.  For half of the year we travel in a vintage caravan and weave together creative communities around NZ.  For the other half of the year we hunker down in Upper Hutt at our studio and create things with my work and life partner Craig.

Come join the adventure with us and lets see what you can create.




What Equipment do I need?

A cellphone with a camera or a DSRL or a Film Camera

Or you can answer the create challenges each week with your own creative medium.  Whatever floats your cookie but you will be getting information that will help you with your photography as well.


How is the course delivered?

Online via zoom meetups that happen at 7 pm - 8:30 on Thursdays Auckland/Wellington Time for 8 weeks starting on the 21st of May.

You will be emailed challenges each week as well as packets of greater detailed content.

In the Zoom sessions, we will start with a wee check-in, a tutorial,  a mini-challenge to test what you learned, and finally an image critique session from the big creative challenge from the previous week.


Benefits of Joining

  • Build Creative Community
  • You have a photographic mentor to help you figure out what is working and what isn't with your images.
  • You will be taken step by step through a holistic process to identify your creative blocks.
  • You will end the course with much stronger photography skills and greater self-knowledge.
  • Every adult that joins Create Happy generates a scholarship for a youth to attend Click Happy (the youth version of the program taught around the country).


Price: $ 250.00
$ 0.00