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THe Lucious Order of Golden Shield Maidens are made up of women who have volunteered to be part of the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition and who have posed for Mandi Lynn.

They participated in a workshop beforehand and got an opportunity to shed some body shame along with thier tops.

We are still recruiting for shield maidens to finish our exhibition.

If you are keen to be involved or would like to know more please put your details below:


Obviously, we are a group of women who don't take ourselves too incredibly seriously.

If you have been inspired by the 300+ women who have posed for the Every Body is a Treasure exhibition and are feeling a bit of FOMO.  Well don't worry honey we need 600 women to finish the exhibition.   We want to make the counterpoint to the media soaked world our daughters live in.  So if you would like to have your treasured body added to the collection then sign up to get slathered in Golden Clay.

You are welcome to remain anonymous and just be in the exhibition or you can get cheeky as like the Maidens above. Your call but it is a heck of a lot of fun and has been life-changing for some women.