Warkworth Girl Power Event


18 August


10:00-12:00  (Free with Ticket)


12:30-3:30 ($40.00)



4:00-6:00pm (free with ticket)


6:00-8:00 (tickets koha - $15.00 suggested)

19 August


August 18th Workshop Ticket booth

10-noon - Masonic Hall

Cost: Free

Ages 9+


Who is it for?

  • Artists / Creatives

  • Mothers dealing with Teens /Tweens + Life

  • Teens / Tweens dealing with Parents/ School/ Friends / Social Media / Hormones / Pressures / Changing Bodies / Emotions - Too Many or Numbing

What will I learn?

  • A technique to dial down the volume of your critical voices
  • A method of dialing up the voice of your creative muse
  • A technique for getting your needs met and becoming more emotionally literate

Mothers and Daughters will sit in different groups for this activity to allow for privacy and to create a safer space for freedom of expression without concern for upsetting one another.

After the first segment of writing, we will shred and burn parts of our writing and release them into smoke.  Then we will carry on to the next phase...where the real magic happens.

12:30-3:30 - Masonic Hall

Cost: $40.00


Create a unique handmade journal with integral pockets. Use simple but effective print and paint
techniques to decorate a cover and add your journal pages with stitched pamphlet binding.

Alysn is an experienced and internationally recognised contemporary textile artist, author, tutor and
gallery director. She has worked in many media including fibres, metals, papers, heat reactive
fabrics, and stitch. She is also an author and has published 5 books, been featured and written for
many magazines, exhibited and taught widely over many years.

4:00-6:00 - Masonic Hall

Cost: Free


This workshop is ideal for:

  • Girls aged 9+ who are trying to learn to be confident with their real changing bodies in a digitally enhanced world.

  • Mothers who are worried about how to teach self-compassion to their daughters

  • Mothers who themselves struggled with self-compassion.

  • Aunties or nana's who want to support their female whanau

What you will learn:

  • Grounding techniques for getting into your body
  • Moving out of the victim bully cycle into one of personal strength and power
  • What sets off your personal body shame and what you can do to stop it.
  • That you are not alone in your cultural conditioning but you can step out of it into a healthier relationship with your body.

This is a workshop for both mothers and daughters to learn the art of self-compassion.

In a country with the highest suicide rates in the world for youth, it is good to know that one of the most effective prophylactic tools against anxiety and depression, and suicidal ideation is something as simple as self-compassion.

But how do you teach it?  How do you learn it?

In this workshop, we will go on a journey and learn techniques for developing or strengthening self-compassion in girls and women.

So if you have a young girl who looks up to you for advice on how to be a woman in the digital age of Instagram and cyberbullying.  This might be just the workshop to attend.

And lucky for you it is free to attend thanks to COGS North Shore funding and Every Body is a Treasure Trust.

It is open to the first 60 people to register and is appropriate for girls 9+ and the women who love them.   Please, there is usually a waiting list so only take a ticket if you can fully commit to being there.

Mandi Lynn_1

Mandi Lynn -

Founder - Director of Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust

Mandi is New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year 2017 and runs A La Mojo Photographic Boutique which runs as a social enterprise underwriting the work of the Trust.  Mandi is also the director of Finding Venus - A New Zealand Film Commission Funded Body Compassion Documentary due out in 2020.    She is a self-taught Master photographer and filmmaker after spending 15 years as a holistic women's health nurse and lactation consultant.

Content warning - Happy Bouncy golden boobies below

Optional Workshop Finale

Join the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens


18 August


Cost: Free but donation greatly appreciated ($15.00 will cover the costs...more will make a difference)

Age: 18+

Obviously, we are a group of women who don't take ourselves too incredibly seriously.

If you have been inspired by the 300+ women who have posed for the Every Body is a Treasure exhibition and are feeling a bit of FOMO.  Well don't worry honey we need 600 women to finish the exhibition.   We want to make the counterpoint to the media soaked world our daughters live in.  So if you would like to have your treasured body added to the collection then sign up to get slathered in Golden Clay.


This is a body compassion workshop so the first part of it will be an unpacking of past body love challenges and then we end the sessions by goldening up and posing for the camera.

You are welcome to remain anonymous and just be in the exhibition or you can get cheeky as like the Maidens above. Your call but it is a heck of a lot of fun and has been life changing for some women.