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13 April

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16 April

Thistle Hall Invitation3

6 p.m. - Thistle Hall

Cost: Free

All Ages

The Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition Opening

A Booch, Boobs, and Storytelling sort of evening

240 women from around the country have gifted their image to be part of Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition taken by  Mandi Lynn New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year 2017. The exhibition is the counterpoint to the 400-600 photoshopped images we see each day.   Our goal is to eventually reach 600 this is an exhibition that is growing and maturing like a fine woman.   SO  celebrate the evolution thus far at our opening night celebration, brought to you by

Booch = Good Buzz Kombucha Brewery is sponsoring our drinks for the evening.

Boobs = The Gorgeous Members of the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens featured in the imagery

Story Telling = Mandi Lynn and members of the Order will share their experiences of becoming part of the Exhibition.


Artist in Residence - Mandi Lynn + You

Creating the Choice Box

Cost: Free

1pm - 6pm daily from 16-20 April

Ages: 7+


Mandi will be working on a Mixed Media piece of art called The Choice Box - that represents our choice between listening to the critical voice in our head or listening to our creative muse.

You are welcome to contribute content to the work by anonymously writing phrases you often hear from the critical voice in your head and by adding voices of compassion that you want to strengthen inside as well.

Mandi will select phrases and record them to be part of the choice box.  One speaker representing the harsh critical destructive and often cruel voices we hear and our head and one speaker representing the compassionate, loving, creative, supportive voices that for many are quite hard to hear...when directed inwardly.


Where the idea came from

Many of the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens (the name given to the women featured in the Exhibition) partook in a ritual cleansing where they wrote 3 words that had been used against their body on themselves.  Then wiped them off and wrote three ones they wished to replace them within gold.  Then "baked" them in in golden clay.


This process revealed the depths of pain that we carry with us like broken records speaking cruel things spoken often decades earlier sometimes fading and sometimes getting louder and causing more damage as time wore on.  The Choice Box explores the multiple voices we have in our head and the choice that we have on which to dial into.

You are invited to contribute

Two boxes will be made available.  One for the critical voice.  One for the loving voice.  The point is to illustrate that as we go through life and experience traumas at all points we have a choice to be a victim and succumb to the critical voices that are often based on traumas and cruelties of the past or to choose self-compassion and learn to turn our tragedies into launch pads.


Content warning - Happy Bouncy golden boobies below

20 April

Join the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens


Cost: $35.00

Age: 18+

Obviously, we are a group of women who don't take ourselves too incredibly seriously.

If you have been inspired by the exhibition and would like to have your treasured body added to the collection then sign up to get slathered in Golden Clay.


This is a body compassion workshop so the first part of it will be an unpacking of past body love challenges and then we end the sessions by goldening up and posing for the camera.

You are welcome to remain anonymous and just be in the exhibition or you can get cheeky as like the Maidens above. Your call but it is a heck of a lot of fun and has been life changing for some women.

Tweens 1

2nd Week of the Holidays

Flower Crown + Teen Confidence Photoshoots

10 spots available -

All Proceeds go to funding the Heartivist Pilot Project - Developing a Creative Youth Resiliency Program.

$97.00 gets you 1-hour photoshoot with Mandi Lynn  + 1 - 5x7 Fine Art image from the day.

Raid the wardrobe, 20 minutes of styling for the shoot and 40 mintues of shooting.  Shot at Mandi's Fairy Garden Streamside Retreat Studio.

Mandi Lynn
Mandi Lynn