Imagine a world where a whole generation of girls make it into adulthood compassionate with themselves and their bodies.

The Gen Mojo forum is a place were women can learn the Art of Self Compassion along side their favourite young female.  It is a mind, body, and creative experience that uses art, journaling, and gentle self care movements to  strengthen the creative spirit of our daughters and gives mothers/grans/aunties a toolbox to help their daughters powerfully navigate the choppy waters of adolescence.

It gives girls tools to help themselves and support their friends to keep their Mojo during adolescence.

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Why we do it

This is Harper, my niece. She is 7.

Mandi Lynn Harper

"When she was 5 she walked into my kitchen.  She asked me... at 5 ... if she was fat...  Seriously!  I was completely and utterly gobsmacked.  How was this even on her radar?  My families struggle with eating disorders flashed in front of my eyes and I knew I had to do something to help before it was too late.

So I went on an adventure to find the answers.  You can read a bit about it here.

Do I have the magic pill that will protect every girl ever from body shame?  Nope, but collectively we do.   It starts with learning to be compassionate with ourselves and with each other.  If we can help a generation of girls to gather the tools they need to stay strong under the enormous pressure of a trillion dollar industry that only benefits when they question their own unique beauty, well then we have given them tools that will help with other pressures in their lives.

The obstacle becomes the way." - Mandi Lynn ( the trust's founder)


How do we do it?

In 2018, we have put on events in Wanganui, South Taranaki, Upper Hutt, Waipa, and Rangitikei Regions.   These were beta workshops and each one built and improved on the one before it.  Here is the current workshop plan.  These are flexible workshop plans that will be adapted to the needs of each region we visit.

Generation Mojo
Mandi Lynn

The separate sections indicated by the gold background are for over 18-year-olds only.  This segment is available to women to come and become part of the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens.  We are performing an act of artivism.  These women are helping us reach our goal of 600 real treasured images of golden covered women, as an artistic counterpoint to the 400 to 600 edited photoshopped images we see each day.

Wellington-Airport-Community-Awards-Icon-Upper-Hutt-Category-Winner-2018-transparent-FINAL (2)

Where are we doing it?

We have been fortunate to receive seed funding from each of the below regions COGS funders.  Once we have found the remaining funding/donations/volunteers to put on the event we will announce the dates and times for 2019.

Hutt Valley

Pathways into the Program

Free Entry Pathways

Instagram Posts

Participating school principals get to select a designated number of nominees from the tween and teen leaders at their school as well as a number of nominations for teachers to attend.


In each region, we are looking for:

  • Visual Artists and Movement Teachers
  • Holders of Maoritanga
  • Regional Ambassadors
  • Setup and Breakdown Crews
  • Healthy Cook

Fundraiser Pathways

Under 18's


We are making a Girl Power Book!

It is a one on one confidence and compassion building photoshoot experience with Master Photographer Mandi Lynn.  We are showcasing a girl's unique beauty as well as what makes her gritty.  So we are looking for girls who have unique hobbies, or are passionately dedicated to something.

This project is run as a social enterprise arm of our trust.  All profits are used to run the Generation Mojo Projects and bring them to more regions.

Limited spaces available through this route.  Details coming soon.

Over 18's

Join the Shield Maidens

Become a cheeky Artivist

We are on a mission to collect 600 images for the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition.   One for every photoshopped image you see each day.

You will get two tickets to the forum (bring a friend or your daughter / niece) and then will get the opportunity to become part of the exhibition by covering yourself in a golden clay and then being photographed by Mandi Lynn.

Details coming soon.

Mia Cambell

When I first came across the Finding Venus project, I immediately thought it would be perfect for my daughter who is 9 and already being so self conscious about what she wears, how she looks or what shes doing... but after the morning session, I realized her confidence was 10/10 where mine was at 2/10. Throughout the day and the activities we participated in I could slowly but surely feel my confidence starting to rise and getting to know other women who were more than happy to share personal experiences with body positivity absolutely blew me away. My daughter made new friends, I made new friends and we left with our Mojo intact! I can't recommend this enough... Mandi, you and your fantastic team were absolutely magical and I hope to cross your path again as you have ignited something crazy/fierce inside of me and I'd love to show that to you again one day

Who we are

Crew 20180903
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Frequently asked Questions

Societal pressures on girls

  • Each day we see 400-600 Photoshopped images of a very narrow bandwidth of body shapes and colours. 
  • Girl Guides New Zealand's recent survey of girls aged seven to 17 showed body image was the biggest issue affecting them today.
  • Suicide rates for girls ages 10 to 14 have dramatically increased since the advent of social media. 
  • If a girl is taught that her body is "not good enough" then this impacts her confidence in many areas of her life.  Wasting create energy that could be put to many better uses. 

Why Mother / Daughter

Our goal is to support the development of a self-aware, powerful, and compassionate female leader.  It is a much easier task if her mother has received the same supportive education.  Both mother and daughter are under a great amount of over cultural pressure to be "perfect".   We support a girl to be perfectly herself.   Sometimes it helps to support mums to do the same.   

When mums have new babies they are often connected with a peer group but as their daughter ages, this sometimes wanes.  Also, the new challenges of a daughter beginning to be self-reliant can cause its own little collection of stress.   Research shows that a mother is more likely to be depressed when her daughter is a tween than at any other time in her life.  Not saying you are depressed but there might be the odd one in the group that we can together support through connection and sisterhood. 

We bring mothers and daughters together in a cell phone free environment to holistically support the females in the family.   As you will have both received the same education you can support each other in living it.   We teach non-violent communication, and how to turn down the critical voices in our own heads.  This can do nothing but help support compassionate family dialogue.   

Oh, and it is also probably important to know that we group the mothers together based on the ages of their daughters and the daughters will get into groups based on their ages.  So you will be learning at the same time but not in each other's back pockets.