HeArtivists Mentors – S. Auckland

The HeArtivists - South Auckland Mentorship training

Next 8-week cycle starts 30 August 2019

You will learn creative resilience and help to unpack what has been blocking your best creative work from flowing forward.

It is the oxygen mask you put on your own creative wellness so that you can support the wellness of the community's youth.

Taught by Mandi Lynn - NZ's Creative Photographer of the Year 2017 who is also a Holistic nurse, and film director.   Mandi is the founder/director of Everybody is a Treasure Charitable trust.


Who is the evening class for?

  • Teachers who feel like they have spent all of their creative energy on their students and need to create something for themselves to get their creative mana back.
  • Youth workers who want to learn how to support young artists
  • Parents who want to be able to support their young artists and reconnect with their own creative spirit often long forgotten.
  • Artists who would like to learn to bring out their best work but who also have an interest in supporting young artists in South Auckland.

What is the afterschool HeArtivist Program?

  • Think of it like a Rep team but for the most promising artists in South Auckland
  • It is designed to support creative youth to learn the soft skills necessary to thrive as working artists.
  • It is also a place to help creatives find mentorship in their field of choice.
  • It is also about paying it forward into the community and using art to make our world a better place.

How do kids get selected for the HeArtivists?

  • They need to be shoulder tapped by their art teacher for inclusion in the program
  • We are looking for talent paired with grit


The course is non-denominational but embraces a mind-body and spirit approach to learning about learning how to unblock your best creative work.

Tuesdays 7-9 for Parents, Teachers, Youth Workers, Counselors at Manu Tukutuku.


Week by week:

  • Week one: - Mapping your unique creative challenges
  • Week two: - The Skin you are in - learning self-compassion for your greatest tool...your body
  • Week three:  Developing Emotional Fluency - Learn a technique to turn down the volume of your internal critical voice - addressing Numbing, Addictions, or staying present...
  • Week four: Mana - navigating victimhood, bullying and developing creative resilience - how to handle the ups and downs of the creative process without losing your nut.
  • Week five:  Creative Community - How wide and how deep are your creative supports or do you find yourself a loner struggling to get buy-in for your ideas or a martyr where all of your energy is flowing away from your work and into others?
  • Week six: Communication: Non-violent communication and getting your creative ideas heard.  Or are you struggling to articulate your vision?
  • Week seven:  Creative Problem solving - cracking the nut of how to get your work over the hurdles.
  • Week eight:  Manifesting compassionate change in the world - This is the activism part of becoming a HeArtivists.  It is all about your natural gifts and maximizing them to bring your superpowers to the world in physical form. - how do you make the world a better place for you being in it?


The program is being brought to you by a grant from the Auckland Airport and A La Mojo Photographic Boutique who are underwriting Mandi Lynn's travel and time to teach.  The idea is that the basket of knowledge will be shared and then locals will continue to share the program with kids in the community keeping the HeArtivists philosophy continuing to develop the young artists of South Auckland.