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Mum + Mentor Mojo

The Art of Self Compassion - p.s. your girl needs to see you model this.


Girls Got Grit  - Raising Resilient + Body Compassionate Girls

A Course for Mums and Mentors

So here is a question you didn't really fathom when you brought a girl into your life.  How do you teach her to be body compassionate if you struggle to accept your own body?

Statistics show 80% of women struggle to be happy in their own skin. So how do we stop this with our generation?   How do we help our girls to learn to love their bodies and not feel like hypocrites?

We have a playground for that (workshop just sounds like more work and that is the last thing we need).

We go head to toe and learn techniques to develop body compassion.

We connect in a sisterhood of desire to make it better for the next generation.  This is an adults-only event (babes in arms okay but please no children that are to the walking stage as we do not have day-care facilities).  We want to focus on mums together supporting each other.   Please see the girl power page for the 10-18 year old version of this course.

If this sounds like you there are two options to come along.

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Or you can go on the waiting list just to the right here.  People selected off of the waiting list will only pay a koha to attend.


The Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens

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An innocent comment from my niece started a chain of events that has led to an act of Artivism.  Which led to the beginning of a Mojolution - a revolution of self-compassion and it is lead by the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens.  Women who swear to treat their bodies with compassion and to support the girls and women in their lives to do the same.

The induction into the Order is by covering yourself in golden clay and being photographed for the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition.  Our goal is to collect 600 images which will represent the number of photoshopped images we see each day.

If you are keen to join our next induction is taking place during the Fringe Festival. All of the details can be found on the Wellington Fringe Festival Page.