Do you love creating?

Do you love kids?

Cool.  Then help us co-create something amazing for our creative youth.

See we have this very cool toolbox of workshops that can help kids learn:

  • Self-compassion (ability to be happy in your own skin and kindly honour your frustrations)
  • Emotional fluency (ability to identify needs and emotions and stay present with them)
  • Creative resilience (ability to stick with a project even when it gets hard - developing self-confidence + creative Mana - becoming bully-proof)
  • Creative community development (learning to give as well as gracefully receive help on your ideas)
  • Authentic storytelling of your creative vision (how to engage an audience with your passion)
  • Creative Problem solving- turning down the volume of your critical voice and dialing up the volume of your logical+creative abilities  (effective project management of your ideas)
  • Connecting with your muse (techniques for idea generation and discernment)

But what we lack is local knowledge and depth in the community.  So lets trade.  We will teach you what we know.  You can teach us what you know about your communities culture and your own creative practice and together we can widen and deepen the support that exists for our creative kids.


Mandi Lynn

Who is the course designed for?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Youth workers
  • Artists
  • Social Workers / Counselors / Arts + Music Therapists
  • Volunteers keen to mentor youth or support Every Body is a Treasure Trust
  • Ages 18+
Mandi Lynn

Our Why of this Mentorship Pilot Project

When Mandi Lynn was a little girl she dreamed of being an artist and even won some awards for her work.  Then she got a "real job" to keep her family happy.  20 years passed.  20 years that could have been spent mastering her craft if just one artist had stood by her and supported her vision.  But dreams have a way of lying dormant and if enough courage and grit is applied they can return and flourish.

That is what happened to Mandi.  She became New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year in 2017 after picking up a camera again and deciding to make the arts her profession in 2009.   This pilot is her brainchild, she doesn't want to see any more wasted or delayed talent because the world needs creative vision to handle the challenges it currently faces.

This program is designed to provide mentors for young creatives that will help them to learn to use their creative powers for the good of their community.  It is designed to support them to develop the depth of character required to thrive as an artist and change-maker in the modern world.  Because creative power can be used to solve the problems of global warming or create a more deadly cluster bomb.  We believe more balanced and community-supported our powerful young creatives are...the more compassionate our communities will become.


Our Big Vision:

The closer you are to the thing you loved to do when you were a tween (8-12ish) the happier you probably are as an adult.  This is Mandi Lynn's observation in her years of working with people both as a holistic nurse and an artist.   So what would happen if around the country there were programs set up to support tween creatives to keep their creative spark shining bright through the rocky roads of adolecence?  We need community support to make this a reality which is one of the primary reasons for this training.


Mandi Lynn

Our Laser Vision: An Artists Rep League

You know how athletes have Rep teams.  The most talented kids are given extra training and great gear so that they can develop their skills.  This is brilliant for our young talented athletes but nothing like this exists for young artists except Hip Hop crews for the most part.

So here is what we imagine.  A Rep league of kids shoulder tapped by their Arts teachers that meets weekly and gets extra support from artists in the community to develop their creative superpowers.  A mixed bag of visual artists, digital artists, performing artists, and craftspeople.  This mentor training program will help us to develop community support for our creative tamariki.

Mandi Lynn

The HeArtivists Roots workshop dates

We are running the workshop in two locations for term 3

South Auckland: Manu Tukutuku - for 7 Tuesdays 7-9 starting on the 6 August

Wellington: Venue TBD - for 7 Wednesdays 7-9  starting on the 7th of August

What does it cost?

This is where it gets interesting.

It is a pay it forward course.

We don't charge for it but the expectation is that if you take a spot you will take responsibility to pay it forward into the community somehow.

Ways to pay it forward

  • Become a youth mentor for a local young artist (requires further training + police vetting)
  • Become a facilitator of the program (requires further training + vetting)
  • Volunteer to help Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust
    • Project managers - organizing events
    • Grant writers helping us source money to expand our programs
    • Volunteers at the events
    • Fundraising
  • Or if time poor and just want the knowledge for your own whanau please make a financial donation to our trust to match the value that you would pay for a similar program. ($30 per class)

How can I join?

We have room for up to 20 people. If we get more than that applying we will put you on a waiting list.

If you are interested and commit to attending at least 6 of the 7 classes then please put your details below.