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Girl Power Events

"Though she be but little, she be fierce"


The heArtivists


An 8 week after school workshop that combines art with wellness.

  • Creative Resilience (how to turn challenges and failures into stepping stones for better Art)
  • Self-Compassion ( Turn down the volume of the inner critic and turn up the volume of inspiration)
  • Friendships - Meet other girls in a supportive circle of creativity.
  • Design Principles (how to make things look good in imagery)
  • Visual Story Telling - You will learn how to show what you are feeling inside in a way that others can begin to understand.
  • Social Activism - Making work that helps more than just yourself.
  • Exhibition - Your favourite work will be selected to go into an exhibition, and gala evening.

Girl Grit Film School


An 8 week course where girls learn how to:

  • Write
  • Produce
  • Light
  • Shoot
  • Edit
  • Do Post Production
  • And Promote a Web Series

Supported by NZ Female Film Makers

Must have taken the heArtivist program to be eligible.

Secret Sauce:

You get to learn how to be awesome to yourself while you learn.   Self compassion, emotional literacy, and resiliency are taught alongside the film making skills.  So not only will you be a future brilliant film maker but you will be an incredibly cool person to work with as well, and will have developed the grit to see your projects through to the end.


1 Day Course for Girls Aged 10-18.

  • Painting, Photography, Yoga, and Journaling are used to create a playshop where you get to learn the art of self-compassion (being cool to yourself and your body)
  • Stress reduction and wellness techniques are explored
  • Learn skills to help your friends who are struggling to be happy with their bodies.
  • Fun, Playful, and you get to learn heaps about yourself.
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