Mandi Lynn

Make Art + Change the World

We are looking for creative females who want to change the world.

GIrls in year 8- 10

To join a youth panel to co-create an arts and mental wellness workshop for girls.

You could be a heArtivist if:

  • You like to make things (Art, Music, Dances, Carving, Weaving, Construction, Photography, Film Making, Digital art, writing...anything that comes from your head and you create it)
  • You noticed the critical voice in your head getting louder and you want to learn how to dial the volume down.
  • The mess the adults have left us in the environment is seriously concerning and you don't know what to do about it.
  • You want tools that you can use to help your friends feel better.

Art + Wellness + Activism

A Free Creative Wellness Program

How it works: After School program

  • Short wellness workshop followed by creative time with an artisitic mentor.
  • You get given 8 artistic challenges (you can't fail, there are no grades, just complete free play creative time).
  • You can work in whatever artistic medium you like.  (If you don't have a style of art you love we can teach you photography).
  • You have mentorship support to complete the challenges.
  • The last challenge is to create Art that impacts change in the world in a way that excites you.
  • You get to pick your favourite work to have at the end of the workshop exhibition.
Mandi Lynn

In the heArtivist Workshops you learn:

  • Creative Resilience (how to improve your creative thinking and handle setbacks with grace)
  • Self- Compassion ( how to turn down the volume of the critical voice in your head, and turn up the volume of inspiration.)
  • Non-Violent Communication (how to meet others needs while at the same time getting your needs met without drama)
  • How to Create Creative Circles of Safety (Where you can safely show your creative work and grow as an artist)
  • Community Change Management (How to make art that makes the world a better place.)
Mandi Lynn

Our Explainer Booklet

Thursday's Afterschool starting on March 14th.

If you would be interested in becoming a heArtivist and helping Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust to coCreate (girls and the course facilitators work to make the next course even better), then sign up below.

Made Possible with the support from the Upper Hutt City Council Community Development Team